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Discover who is on your wireless/Wire network instantly. (IP/Device name/MAC address), Iphone/Xbox/Wii/PS3andriod/andriod
Netcut Works in office LAN, school LAN/ISP LAN or or even Iphone/Xbox/Wii/PS3andriod/andriod networ
NetCut can Find/export all MAC address in your network in seconds
NetCut can Turn off & on network on any device , computer/phone/xbox/wii/Router/switcher in your LAN.
And netCut can Protect user from ARP SPOOF attacks
More over netCut can Change MAC address on any adapter.
lest but not last, With Netcut  you can Clone MAC address from any device of your network to your own adapter.

No network knowledge required to use this tool, just run and you will see all IP and MAC and devices name in your network, then you can control /change MAC/turn on /off by click on buttons. also  simply leave it run background can protect you from ARP spoof attack.

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Friday, 29 July 2011 05:49

What is new in netcut 2.1.4

Written by Administrator

Giving recent user query and suggestion,  2.1.4 has been released.  many thanks to all the users who has been give warm heart advice.   Please check out below for details.


A couple of bug fix.

1. Faster network detection.

2 Avoid crash during network change.

3. Support Network refresh. No need to restart netcut to detect people hook/unhook up in WIFI. suit for user in public area where user keep changing.


And please see screenshot example of button from the user interface here (How to Refresh network): 

Download last version here

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