If your are using windows xp, please upgrade to windows 7 or windows 10 above. if your OS is windows 7 or higher and run on google chrome 49 above, netcut 3.0 will start in 3 seconds...

With netCut 3.0, you can know who has is or has been on your WIFI, his name, device brand, what time in, what time out.

  • Speed Control !!!
  • Automatic: See NEW unknown(guest) users in your network
  • Click or Drag: Stop anyone access with one click or drag
  • Schdule: Schdule anyone on/offline time per day
  • Tablet suppprt: Support windows 10 tablet
  • Cut Off ALL: One click cut off ALL (Pro member)
  • netLock: Lock your WIFI network so no any new user can access. One click to release allow guest user access (Pro member)
  • Records: View history records of who/when/name/brand been usig your WIFI and Left. (Pro member see full details)
  • Geek play: Copy Mac
  • NetCut Pro membership is only 1$ a month. or 9.9$ a year. Support paypal. If you pay via google pay at NetCut for Android, the Pro membership can be transfer to netCut Windows. Just need to login with username/password Download netcut for windows here Home