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The most powerful netcut version (2.1.4) ever has been released. ensure 100% working under WI-FI. and ensure CUT OFF testing in all network environment. RISK CONTROL, detect network security, IP/MAC address mapping, SmartPhone/Iphone/Andrio/WIndows surface brand in your network, including their MAC address.

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46 thoughts on “NetCut – official Free download support for netcut”

  1. hii I have downloaded and installed netcut in pc , and there is a problem showing netcut arp spoof application stopped working
    and windows checking the solution closing the program. and I reinstalled and I have stop the windows firewall but the problem not solved could you tell me on that.

  2. Hello there. I really have a problem with the Netcut on PC. I downloaded and installed the last version of NetCut for PC , from this website and simply it doesn’t cut the members which I want to cut. I can see near Cut off (in Testing…) , after 5-10 seconds it dissapear and it says Cut OFF , I click on the member , then I click on Cut off , but that member can still go on Google , Facebook , watching videos…etc Like nothing happend.Please respond ASAP , I can’t even go on google because that member is downloading 24/24h…Please when you’ll post the new version. I hope very very very soon…

  3. Hello
    I cut sheet 214 version to download and install on Windows 7 32-bit I have executed and with it the software I installed Vienna Pack as well but then why not manually rather than automatically proceed to scan not just to show my modem and my computer if the software that I can see Wayne Guard who are connected to my notes to install and uninstall program several times, but I did not therefore please do tell tips

  4. Hey there admin.I’m back with another problem
    Seems my parents blocked my android MAC which I used to have NetCut on it. I can’t do anything at the moment.
    Can Netcut change Mac addresses of androids ?
    Please help me, since my parents got back the internet , I can’t even go on google or playing game.
    I’m not the type of the guy which blocks them 24/24h. I only block them when I need to have some fun with my friends (playing games).
    Please help me admin. Thank you and have a great day

    1. new version allow netcut to use FAKE MAC when cut off. will be released soon.

      however, is your phone been blocked via router that can’t use internet? if that’s the case, this coming release won’t be able to help. some phone allow change MAC on fly, some phone can not.

  5. sir my netcut was working fine yesterday i reinstalled (restored) my windows 10 and now its not working properly i have reinstalled netcut like 5 times its in TESTING and also not showing all tthe pc’s connected to router plz sir help me

    1. I had before Net Cut on Windows 10 and netcut was working very well 😉
      I said that I’ve tried netcut with my main PC ( the one which has Windows 10 ) to cut the internet of the laptop. On Net Cut I had the red pc icon in my list which means the internet of the laptop, but when I tried to see if it really works , the internet which I wanted to cut it to that laptop was still working.

      Yes my phone is 100 % rooted. I’m very sure because I’ve tried netcut on this phone in the past and it worked.
      I want to tell you that everything is working very well ( i have the list with the devices which are connected to my internet box , as well with their MAC Address , IP , Name…etc )
      But when I click the device which I want to cut his internet off , the red wifi icon appears near the persons name but that person can still go on internet which means netcut doesn’t work properly.
      Few weeks ago I had a network distributor which the internet speed was very slow , and I found this Net CUt. Net cut was working on that distributor ( i means it does cutted off the devices from internet )
      Now , I changed my distributor , now I have Orange which net cut doesn’t work on this distributor ( i mean the persons which I’ve cutted their internet with Netcut , they still had internet working properly. )
      I think netcut can’t work on this new distributor of internet . But i’m still waiting for your help. Have à great day and thank you for helping me.

      1. hmm, when you change to this new distributor “Orange” , do you also changed the wireless router ? What’s the brand of the router? I might be able to give you a special debug version just to test out.

        1. I don’t have router. Is the Orange Box.
          You can search on google images “orange livebox”
          Then , please let me try the special debug version , maybe it will help me . Have a great day.

          1. It’s ok, some router come combine with Modem together. I will release a test version for you on this.

  6. For netcut on windows, I am not sure if netcut working on windows 10 or not. because the winpcap come with the package only works at most on win 8. it needs an upgrade from me. but are you saying the netcut for windows 10 on your laptop was WORKING fine?

    For netcut on android, is your phone rooted and granted netcut root access? same questions , that was it ever working for you before , and only started NOT WORKING after switched network (3g/4g network) ?

    mobile network has nothing todo with WIFI network. if netcut for android was working for you under WIFI, you should try in same WIFI network to verify it. I doubt it was not working for you at first place your phone is not rooted? I could be wrong. 🙂

    let me know.

  7. I’m using net cut for Windows ( 10 ) and Net cut for Android. ( im using both )
    Yes , i’m able to see everything ( MAC , IP …etc )
    Infact the netcut doest work anymore since I changed my operator who was giving me internet. ( now i have Orange )
    I tried to cut off my laptop which doest have netcut or anti-netcut and the internet was still working :/ ( i tried with my pc and my android device – the laptop was still working )

    Can you please help me out ? 🙂

  8. Well , the issue is : It doesn’t cut anymore.
    Actually , I changed my internet. In the past I had IP static and now is dynamic. Maybe because is dynamic it doesn’t work ?

    We are 4 in the house and the internet speed is very very low.
    There is my little brother which it doesn’t understand that he can’t download 24/24h. I can’t even check my facebook or my emails.
    I don’t want to cut my little brother’s internet through the ”box” (router) then my parents will see.
    I want that netcut can cut internet please.I’ll be very happy.
    Thank you.

    1. The security type does not impact how netcut works.
      and dynamic IP also does not impact how netcut works.

      Are you using netcut for windows ? or netcut for Android ?
      Are you be able to see your brother’s IP appear in netcut?

      Can you try to cut off other IP(device) on the network? see if it is working?

      Generally , netcut for Android can cut better than netcut for windows 2.1.4. the new version of netcut for windows will come up with same cut off ability .

  9. I have a problem with NetCut.
    I have Netcut on my Android device and on my PC.Both of them are not working. Few days ago , all was good and now , is not working anymore.
    Could you give me a reason , please ?

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